Pixtra Stitchers: Create Free Virtual Tours - Showcase

Now that you have made a panorama with Pixtra PanoStitcher or Pixtra OmniStitcher, it is time to create a virtual tour web page to share with the world.  PanoStitcher 1.6 and OmniStitcher 1.2 add a brand new free virtual tour authoring feature.  Creating the tour page can be as simple as "Load" and "Publish", though more features are available for customization, such as changing the page layout colors / fonts, as well as tour music.  Two tour versions are available: Flash or Java.

Click on the snapshot below to enjoy Paris Louvre tour in Flash (please resize the tour page or go full screen):

Click to start tour

Or try Louvre tour in Java


Click on the snapshot below for the Bathroom tour in Flash:   

     Click to start tour

Or show the Bathroom tour in Java below

Click on Help button in a tour control bar for Pixtra tour player feature details.

Click the online Create Virtual Tour manual for more info.

Above virtual tours as created with Pixtra PanoStitcher / OmniStitcher contains one panorama.  For vastly richer experience, please download now Pixtra TourMaster, the dedicated full-featured tour authoring tool.

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