Pixtra Tour Guide - Flash

This virtual tour is created with Pixtra TourMaster/PanoStitcher/OmniStitcher. To tour around, click (or drag) in the tour page or press short-cut keys (for example, use four arrow keys to pan around and space bar  to stop).  Some tour components described below might not be in the tour depending on tour content.  In full screen mode keyboard input is disabled for security (except arrow/space keys in Flash 10).  Flash 10 or above is required (download).

Viewerto show the view of a vista 
Drag:  pan the scene
Click:  stop any spin
Over/Click on a hotspot: show image or text / show a URL or another vista
Resize browser: viewer will expand to cover

Control Bar to navigate vista scene using control buttons (shown also are corresponding [shortcut keys])           
Play Play [P]: play movie (red circle indicates movie mode): v
istas are shown sequentially with optional narrations.  Many actions will stop movie.
Stop Stop [space]/[enter]:  stop movie/spin.
Left Left [< arrow]:   pan left. 
Press again to speed-up, with [ctrl] to slow-down.
Right Right [> arrow]: pan right.
 Press again to speed-up, with [ctrl] to slow-down.
Up Up [^ arrow]:    pan up
Down Down [V arrow]: pan down
Zoom In Zoom-in [Z
Zoom Out Zoom-out [X]
Prev Prev [<,]: show previous vista
Next Next[>.]: show next vista
Sound Sound [S]:    toggle sound play
Hotspot Hotspot [H]: show/hide hotspots
Help Help[?]:  show this help page
Vista Bench Vista Bench [B]:  toggle to hide/show
Tour Map Tour Map [M]:  toggle to hide/show
Full screen Full Screen mode [F]:  toggle to enter/exit
Also, [+] to speed-up spin; [-] to slow-down spin.

Vista Bench
Click on a thumbnail:  show its vista
Over a thumbnail:  show its vista legend in viewer
Drag Bench lower right/left corner:  move the Bench

Tour Map The compass of active vista indicates scene coverage of current view
Click on a compass:  to show its vista
Drag active compass' beam:  to pan active vista

Drag active compass' beam line:  to zoom active vista
Drag on image:  to pan (if map image size is larger than display area)
Click on a map box corner to resize map box 
Click on map box lower-right corner X to hide tour map 
Click on map box bottom to move map box 
Click on a tour page tab to show its map (if multiple tour pages) 

Visit www.pixtra.com to make your virtual tours with any digital camera.