Pixtra Tour Guide - Java   if no tour show

This virtual tour is created with Pixtra TourMaster/PanoStitcher/OmniStitcher. To tour around, click (or drag) in the tour page or press short-cut keys (for example, use four arrow keys to pan around and space bar / Enter key to stop).  Some tour components described below might not be in the tour depending on tour content.

Viewerto show the view of a vista 
Drag:  pan the scene
Click:  stop any spin
Over/Click on a hotspot: show image or text / show a URL or another vista
Click near a border:  pan 40% to that side (for tours with single vista)
[Ctrl]/[Shift] + Click:  zoom-in/zoom-out

Control Bar to navigate vista scene using control buttons (shown also are corresponding [shortcut keys])           
Play Play: play movie (red circle indicates movie mode): v
istas are shown sequentially with possible narrations.  Many actions will stop movie.
Stop Stop [space]/[enter]/[C]/[D]:  stop movie/spin.
Left Left [<]:   pan left. 
Press again to speed-up, with [ctrl] to slow-down.
Right Right [>]: pan right.
 Press again to speed-up, with [ctrl] to slow-down.
Up Up [^]:    pan up
Down Down [V]: pan down
Zoom In Zoom-in [Z]/[+
Zoom Out Zoom-out [X]/[-]
Prev Prev: show previous vista
Next Next: show next vista
Sound Sound:  toggle sound play
Hotspot Hotspot: show/hide hotspots
Help Help:  show this help page
Also, [A] to speed-up spin; [S] to slow-down spin.

Vista Bench
Click on a thumbnail:  show its vista
Over a thumbnail:  show its vista legend in viewer

Tour Map The compass of active vista indicates scene coverage of current view
Click on a compass:  to show its vista
Drag active compass' beam:  to pan active vista

Drag active compass' beam line:  to zoom active vista
Drag on image or scroll bar:  to pan (if map image size is larger than display area)
Click on a tour page tab to show its map (if multiple tour pages) 

- Nothing shows in the viewer area:  
- Only a small icon X shows in the viewer area
- Tour page loading gets stuck at "Loading Images..." graphics with a low Java memory warning dialog

- No sound (even though sound button Sound in tour control bar indicates available)

Visit www.pixtra.com to make your virtual tours with any digital camera.